Memories & Friendship

Summer camp is a perfect place to meet your future best friend. Some confess a 30-year connection from a cabin mate. Others even spend holidays together.

What makes a relationship from camp different? It’s the fact that kids chose who they want to connect with while being away from their parents for an extended time.

They get to face fun and exciting challenges in a new environment with a new friend with whom they feel connected. A kid trying wakeboarding for the first time may feel the adventure is nerve-wracking. But finding someone who feels the same way during the activity can make them feel more at ease.

At camp there are no labels. There are no judgments. Each child can show who they really are and find someone who will accept them as they are. Children are free to let go of the troubles they may be facing and be who they want to be. This makes summer camp friendships meaningful and long-lasting – because there is no pretention.

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