Overnight Camp

Kettleby Valley offers traditional overnight camps that are close to home. We don’t believe that you have to put three hours between you and your children to have a meaningful time at summer camp. During our Residential Camp sessions, friendships are deepened and a greater level of independence is developed within the Camper.

One Night Overnight

Our very popular One Night Overnight program introduces campers to the concept of being away from home without having to commit to an entire week.

Campers who have completed grade 3 by the summer are eligible for our overnight camp program. Campers who are younger than grade 3 can take part in our one-night overnight offered twice each summer.

There are six week-long Residential sessions offered throughout the summer, each beginning on Sunday afternoon and ending on Friday afternoon. The 6-day and 5-night program is a great introduction (for both Campers and their parents) to the concept of being away from home for an extended period of time. In 2014 we began to offer a two-week session each month.

Kettleby Valley has an outstanding ratio, with one staff member to every four campers to ensure that the individual needs of each camper are met. You can register for our overnight camp program here, or find out more below.

The Overnight Experience

Our overnight camp program offers campers the opportunity to develop their interpersonal skills in a positive learning environment. Campers are provided with more time to work on their canoeing skills, try the toughest climb on the wall, or simply enjoy some extra time at their favourite activity. Residential camp also represents a natural progression in the development of independence.

what resi offers


Easy Transition.

Since we offer both day and residential programs in the same setting, the adjustment is gradual. Many of our Resi campers have been day campers in the past. A familiar setting, familiar faces and a similar day schedule makes the transition from day camp to overnight camp easier!


Drop Off & Pick Up.

Residential camp begins on Sundays. Drop off is between 4:00pm and 5:00pm. Dinner is at 5:30pm. On the Friday that camp ends, parents can pick their campers up between 4:15pm and 5:30pm.



Residential campers are a part of the R.I.S.E. Program and spend their day according to the activities they sign up for. In the evening, we maintain the same great staff to camper ratio of 1 to 4. Our cabins have been constructed with supervision in mind. Most buildings have a large main room that houses up to 8 campers and a smaller room that houses up to 2 counsellors.

Our oldest boys cabins are supervised by counsellors in nearby cabins. This provides privacy for both counsellors and campers yet allows for easy supervision throughout the evening.


R.I.S.E. Program

Kettleby Valley is excited to be offering the R.I.S.E program for every residential camper this year. This program was developed to provide our Residential Campers (those who have just completed grades 3 through 8) a greater sense of RESPONSIBILITY and INDEPENDENCE. Our R.I.S.E. Campers have the chance to select a large portion of their daily schedule. This program also gives campers the chance to focus on individual SKILL development while gaining a greater level of EXPERTISE in activities.


Our campers live in cabins that house 4 or 8 children.


For almost all of our overnight camp children, our Counsellors live in the same building. Like most overnight summer camps, Kettleby Valley’s campers sleep on bunks in our traditional wood cabins, with washroom facilities close by. Kettleby Valley is an overnight summer camp near Aurora, yet our natural setting feels like you’re much further away. Each morning, cabin inspection takes place. This provides staff with a fun way to motivate campers to keep their living area clean. Cabin Inspection is also a time where staff check to ensure that campers are clean, properly dressed and ready for each day.



Campers work towards their Ontario Recreational Canoeing Kayaking (ORCKA) levels at the pond. In partners, our older campers work together to complete specific strokes and canoeing skills. Campers also explore the pond area, while participating in a variety of games and challenges. Campers learn the importance of water safety while developing the confidence to maneuver their canoe.

High Ropes Course

Our Campers from Grade 4 to Grade 8 get to experience our High Ropes Course. The High Ropes Course is where team and individual elements require balance and communication between group members. Our elements, such as the dangle-a-maze, encourage group success over individual success as campers rely on each other to complete each level. Our teeter-totter element challenges campers to overcome their fear of heights while communicating with a partner to maintain balance.

Low Ropes Course

Our Campers from JK to Grade 3 experience our Low Ropes Course where communication, co-operation, and team work are reinforced. Campers gain confidence within themselves, and learn to trust others for support and encouragement.

Archery & Cross Bow

These activities require a great deal of coordination, concentration and a steady aim. Campers learn how to properly hold and load a bow, and gain an appreciation for being patient and positive. Our older campers, in addition to archery, learn the skill of properly loading and shooting a crossbow. For both activities, participants enjoy the pursuit of achieving a bull’s eye and having their success announced at the end of the day!

Climbing Wall

Each Camper has the opportunity to challenge their limits, while helping others in their group to do the same. Our Climbing Wall offers three different climbs of varying degrees of difficulty.

Fun With...

In their day groups, campers get active while learning the importance of sportsmanship. These co-operative games help to ‘break the ice’, as well as build leadership and communication skills. Campers have the opportunity to encourage and support their group members in a variety of fun and creative games.


The latest addition to our climbing activities allow participants to develop their climbing skills without the fear that can be associated with height. On average, participants are only a few feet from the mats and with freedom from ropes, they are able to create their own routes or try out some of our challenging predetermined ones. Bouldering is where Campers learn the skills and techniques associated with Climbing before they get to our Climbing Wall.


Improvisation and imagination are important components to this activity. Campers will learn to feel comfortable performing in front of others while having fun! Drama provides a safe environment for campers to experiment, imagine, and play with their fellow group members. Working on a stage, Campers draw creativity from both a dress-up trunk filled with props and from their imaginations.

Arts & Crafts, Leather Work, Pottery

Campers develop a sense of creativity and take pride in the results of their efforts. They work on a variety of different projects that they can bring home with them by the end of the week. Campers learn the appropriate skills to create final pieces, and take the time to experiment with a variety of materials. Campers weave bracelets, tye-dye shirts, experiment with water colours and paints, sketch the nature around them, make beanie buddies and so much more!


Waterfront safety and skills are emphasized during the first half of our swim period, Instructional Swim. Certified lifeguards and swim instructors will help Campers earn their Lifesaving Society Swimmer and Canadian Swim Patrol levels. For those who have completed these levels we also offer the Lifesaving Society’s Bronze level programs.
Lifeguards supervise Campers and Staff during the second half of the swim period, our popular free swim. It is an important time for cooling off, playing games, and having fun!


Teamwork and strategic planning are just two skills campers can develop at Paintball. From target practice to team on team competition, participants can choose the level at which they wish to challenge themselves. Like any activity we offer at camp, campers learn the importance of playing safe and respecting one another while taking part in this thrilling program.


Having a great day camp counsellor makes all the difference. Many of our staff have grown up at Kettleby Valley and know first had what it’s like to be a new camper here.

Our staff understand how to make everyone feel welcome and important. Making connections with each child is a skill we focus on during our mandatory staff training sessions prior to the beginning of the season. Our staff are also taught how to maintain control over their group without sacrificing the fun and enjoyment of the experience.

As the campers travel from one activity to another, they are instructed by trained and certified activity staff. Whenever your child is taking part in swimming, they are always supervised by certified lifeguards. Canoe instructors also possess their lifeguarding certification as well as a Canoe Instructors certification. Our activity staff work hard to help each camper at their activity. They understand the enjoyment and fulfilment that campers feel when they develop their skills in a fun and safe environment.