Learning to Contribute

Leader-In-Training (LIT) Program

It's amazing to see our campers return to KVC each summer and eventually become leaders. Our LIT program is a great opportunity for participants to learn the value of contributing to our summer camp community.


Our Leader-In-Training Program is a summer camp program for teens who have just completed grade 9 (born in 2009). This program is a three-week commitment, the first of which requires the participants to stay at camp overnight from Sunday to Friday (or Monday to Friday if on a short week). This is an excellent opportunity to learn leadership strategies, build team skills, and develop a healthy work ethic. As an ‘LIT’, participants are expected to take on responsibilities associated with counselling and instructing while being supervised and guided.

LIT Program Highlights

  • Learn how to become a positive role model
  • Develop effective communication skills with your peers, supervisors, staff members and campers
  • Learn key leadership skills and practice them within our summer camp setting – such as leading groups of campers throughout the day, or facilitating an activity
  • Practice goal-setting and decision-making
  • Develop important social and interpersonal skills
  • Create and deliver lesson plans
  • Implement behaviour management techniques and strategies that are important in becoming an effective camp staff member
  • Develop long lasting friendships with your fellow LIT’s
  • Gain skills and experience needed to excel as a leader in a variety of settings.
  • The opportunity to earn volunteer hours. Participants who successfully complete the program may be invited to return for a fourth week to volunteer. Volunteers are chosen based on their performance during the three-week program.

Taking Part in this Program is a 6-Step Process

STEP 1 - COMPLETE AND SUBMIT AN APPLICATION:  Our 2024 online application opens on December 1, 2023! Applicants must use their own email address to create their account. Accounts and applications submitted using a parent’s email address cannot be accepted. You will need to provide 2 references on your application.

STEP 2 - INTERVIEW: Selected applicants will take part in an interview with our Camp Director. Interviews will take place online in the outside of school hours.

STEP 4 - REFERENCES CHECKED: References of selected applicants will be contacted (at least 2). Please be sure that an email is included for each reference provided.

STEP 5 - SELECTION PROCESS: Participants are chosen based on their performance during the interview, the response from their references and on their past experience. Acceptance to the program will be sent formally through email.

STEP 6 - REGISTER FOR THE LIT PROGRAM: Once the applicant has been formally accepted, registration to the LIT program must be done by the parent.

It should be understood that the program is designed to present each LIT participant with new experiences and this begins with the application process. We are looking for individuals who are ready to take on greater responsibilities than that of a regular Camper. We strongly encourage each candidate to try and complete the application and arrange for the interview with minimal guidance. This represents the first step in taking on the additional expectations of being an ‘LIT’.

Beginning December 1st you will be able to follow this link to create your account and apply for the LIT Program.


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