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Day Camp Food

Our Campers are provided with great summer camp meals served each day. Kids love our food. We serve camp meals that are healthy and nutritious, but also popular with our campers. We use real cheese rather than processed and we bake food rather than deep frying.

Allergies and dietary restrictions are easily accommodated, and vegetarian/vegan options are always available at our overnight camp.

At Kettleby Valley, we see a meal as being more than just a time to eat. It is also a chance to develop togetherness and community. Having the courage to try new things is an important lesson that children learn at summer camp and this extends to mealtime. We always encourage campers to try meals that perhaps they’ve never eaten before and the results are surprisingly positive.

Day Camp Lunch At Kettleby Valley






Chicken Burgers

Pasta & Meatballs

Hot Dogs

Chicken Fingers

Pizza Bagels

Hash Browns

Baked Fries

Hash Browns

Kettle Chips

At each lunch we provide fresh veggies for every group with the main course. For day campers, hot lunches are delivered to their tent. Seconds are always offered and campers with dietary restrictions are packaged separately.

Despite our success with most campers, there are always a few who would rather maintain their current eating habits. We post our menu and encourage parents to review it prior to the beginning of their camper's sessions. If there is something on the menu that simply won't work for your camper, please send them with enough food and snacks.

We also cater to campers who have allergies and intolerances by offering substitutes that are the same or similar to what other campers are eating. When we serve pizza, we will also serve gluten free and dairy free pizza. This avoids campers with dietary restrictions from feeling left out. One mom said that out of all the Aurora day camps she considered, Kettleby Valley put the most effort into accommodating their family’s food needs.

*During our short weeks the lunch that will be skipped is pasta.


About Kettleby

With over 60 acres of outdoor space, Kettleby Valley Camp provides a unique setting which is truly one-of-a-kind. A place that many campers, former campers, staff fondly refer to as their favourite place in the world.


Address: 609 Kettleby Road,Kettleby, ON L7B 0C9


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