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COVID-19 and Summer Camp

How Covid-19 Affected Summer Camp in 2020 Coping with Covid-19 at summer camp has been a challenge. But it has highlighted how important 2021 will be. Autumn is usually the time of year when we reflect upon the past summer and remember the highlights. When children come to camp, they rely on us to help…
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Camp Staff as Teachers: What Draws Them To Be Educators?

Last week, as I wrote a reference letter for one of our Section Directors looking to get into teachers college, it dawned on me how so many of our staff members, past and present have gone on to complete their post graduate degree in education. Summer camp is a great way to learn important teaching…
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Ontario Summer Camp is the Perfect Place for Hesitant Campers

As the Director of Kettleby Valley, an Ontario Summer Camp, I have the opportunity to meet with hundreds of parents. Over the years I’ve learned that, as parents, we hate to see our children struggle. The desire to protect our children is not unique to today’s families. Rather, it’s the way we define the term ‘struggle’ that…
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Anxious Parents and Summer Camp

Like most summer camps in Ontario, we have our share of parents who are anxious about sending their children to camp. Even some of our families who choose our day camp program have hesitations. Did they arrive safely. Are they making friends? Are they being kind to others? Do they like their counsellors? These and so…
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