Fun Fact: Skip loves baseball and her favourite team is the Toronto Blue Jays!

Fun Fact: Her puppy Leon can do 17 tricks.

Fun Fact: Wake’s favourite meal at camp is chicken burgers!

Fun Fact: Beans actually hates eating green beans.

Fun Fact: Ruffles’ favorite flavor of ruffles chips is all dressed.

Fun Fact: Pretzel has a new puppy named Finn!

Fun Fact: Kelvin’s favorite comic is Calvin & Hobbes

Fun Fact: Kicks has a passion for fashion! You can often find her in sweat pants and rain boots!

Fun Fact: Monty will never refuse a cold refreshing iced coffee!

Fun Fact: Chex has his own mixtape!


About Kettleby

With over 60 acres of outdoor space, Kettleby Valley Camp provides a unique setting which is truly one-of-a-kind. A place that many campers, former campers, staff fondly refer to as their favourite place in the world.


Address: 609 Kettleby Road,Kettleby, ON L7B 0C9


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