Summer Camp Woodbridge

When you’re trying to decide which of the many Woodbridge Day Camps to send your children to, Kettleby Valley Day Camp should be among the top choices. We offer a variety of traditional day camp activities, a hot lunch each day, bus transportation from your home, and daily Lifesaving Society swim lessons in our outdoor heated pools. Our beautiful setting is located close to Highway 400, near Aurora Road on 60 private acres.

A Traditional Northern Feel to Our Day Camps

People who visit our Day Camp often tell us that it has the feel of cottage country. Our old style camp lodge is the hub of our camp. The stone fireplace and wood floors add to its warmth. The camp itself is covered with rolling hills and forests which provide an ideal setting for campers to explore and enjoy the outdoors. Our canoeing area allows campers to build their skills while remaining safe and contained. Our camp is set back almost a kilometre from Kettleby Road. Our private setting provides a safe environment for campers to feel a part of nature. Coming to Kettleby Valley is like a trip to Muskoka without the three hour drive.

Getting To Our Day Camp is Easy!

Our Woodbridge Day Camps program includes bus transportation from your house each day. Our bus counsellors are always first on the bus, so campers are well supervised throughout the trip. Bus times from the Woodbridge area range from 8:00 am to 8:40 am, while return times are from 4:20 pm to 5:00 pm, depending on where you are within the bus route. This bus service is also available through our Vaughan day camp and Maple day camp program, as well as many other communities in our local area.

Anything But a Typical Day

A day at Kettleby Valley is anything but typical. However we do have a routine that we can explain. All of our day camp buses arrive between 9:00 am and 9:15 am. Peter, our Camp Director is always there to greet each camper. As the buses unload, our campers head down to the Notch where we begin and end each day as an entire camp. This adds to the sense of community our camp has. Once we provide reminders and make announcements the groups are dismissed and by 9:30 am the campers are taking part in their first activity.

Campers are divided into groups of 12 and follow an individual schedule. There are six periods each day, including lunch. For our youngest campers, lunch takes place at 11:30 am, while our older campers eat at 12:30 pm. The day also consists of a trip to the pool which is split half into an instructional swim and half into a free swim. The other periods each day consist of traditional camp activities such as archery, climbing wall, ropes course, arts and crafts, canoeing and camp craft.

By 3:30 pm all the groups are heading back down to the Notch for dismissal. This is the time to share any achievements such as bull’s eyes at archery or successes at the climbing wall. Once announcements are over, our staff lead the campers to the buses, where the bus counsellors take attendance. By 4:00 pm the buses are headed down the driveway and back home.

Kids Love Our Food!

Other Woodbridge day camps might offer a lunch program, but few can compare to ours. At Kettleby Valley we offer a hot lunch that’s included in our day camps fee. We serve camp favourites such as grilled cheese (with real cheese), all beef hot dogs, pita pizzas and spaghetti with meatballs. Salad or veggie sticks are offered at each meal. We try to encourage each camper to eat what is being served each day. For campers who find it particularly challenging to expand their eating habits, we offer a pasta option each day. We also accommodate for dietary restrictions such as gluten sensitivity, allergies, vegetarians and dairy intolerances.

We balance health and nutrition with what kids find popular. Our camp never serves deep fried food. We use real cheese, rather than processed cheese. We even mix carrot puree into our macaroni and cheese. This provides added nutrition with absolutely no affect to the taste or popularity of the meal.

Like every activity at Kettleby Valley, we offer a badge to the group who performs the best at lunch. We consider cleanliness, cooperation, the amount of veggies consumed and minimal food waste when determining which group walks away with the ‘GRUB’ badge.

Our Summer Camp Staff Make All the Difference

We all probably remember a special teacher or counsellor who made a difference in us while we were growing up. When we choose our camp staff at Kettleby Valley, we look for people are capable of doing just that. Our staff have the ability to relate to a variety of personalities because we understand that not every camper responds to the same approach. We teach our staff to make connections with their campers so that they can make each child’s camp experience special.

Many of our counsellors have grown up at Kettleby Valley and have had the benefit of being influenced by a positive camp environment. They’re all eager to contribute. Our counsellors want to make sure that the campers they look after have the same outstanding experience that they did at Kettleby Valley.

Our Director interviews each potential candidate and contacts each reference personally. Successful candidates are chosen based upon their experience, their performance during the interview and the information provided from their references. Staff who are hired to supervise our waterfront must have a current lifeguarding certification. All staff members must agree to a police check when they are first hired. Every successful candidate is required to take part in a 4 day / 3 night staff training session, where they are provided with the tools necessary to succeed as a day camp staff member.

These efforts are vital to ensuring your child is safe, active and developing skills throughout their summer day camp experience.

The History of Kettleby Valley

In the late 1957’s, a teacher by the name of Bill Babcock and his wife Jean set out to provide a great Richmond Hill Day Camp. This is how RICHILDACA (an acronym for Richmond Hill Day Camp) began. As York Region grew, the Babcocks began drawing from other local areas. Soon, they were offering Aurora day camp and Newmarket day camp services to families as well. Today, Kettleby Valley has continued the tradition where RICHILDACA once stood. We now offer Kleinberg day camp services as well. Some of the buildings have been replaced since Bill and Jean ran the camp. But the same sense of community and northern feel remains. Kettleby Valley is truly a place where children can call home during the summer.

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