Summer Camp Kleinberg

Kettleby Valley Provides Great Kleinberg Day Camp Services

There are many Kleinberg day camp options for families to choose from. Kettleby Valley is a fantastic day camp that’s just a few minutes north. We offer a traditional camp experience for children ages 4 ½ to 14 throughout the summer. Since 1998, we’ve been providing Kleinberg day camp services that offer safe, fun and exciting outdoor activities.

Getting from Kleinberg to Kettleby Valley…and Back Again

Day camps require transportation each morning and afternoon and Kettleby Valley has a few options. First, parents can drop their campers off at Kettleby Valley as early as 7:30 am and pick them up as late as 5:30 pm for no additional fees. Most families choose to have their children picked up and dropped off at their home through Kettleby Valley’s bus service, which is also included in the day camp fees. Bus times are between 8:00 am and 8:40 am, returning between 4:20 pm and 5:00 pm. If this time window doesn’t fit your commuting schedule, the option to meet one of our other buses on your way to work can be arranged. In addition to Kleinberg day camp services, we offer Woodbridge day camp and Vaughan day camp services, with several buses throughout the area.

A Day in the Life of a Day Camper at Kettleby Valley

Once our campers arrive at Kettleby Valley, we gather together as an entire camp at The Notch. This adds to the sense of community at our camp. At the Notch the kids get together and meet their counsellors and the other campers they’ll be spending the week with. After attendance and a few other announcements, the groups head off to their first activity. Each group follows a schedule throughout the week that takes them from one activity to the next. This ensures that campers have a chance to try just about every activity we offer during their day camp session.

After a full morning of activities that includes a swim lesson, the campers are ready for lunch. Campers gather together and head into our dining hall to share the meal together. Our daily hot lunch is included in our day camp fees and consists of favorites such as pita pizzas, chicken burgers, sloppy joes and perogies. We can accommodate for dietary restrictions such as allergies and intolerances. Specials arrangements are also made for vegan and vegetarian diets. Camp is a place where kids are always encouraged to try new things and broaden their horizons and meals are a big part of this philosophy. We have surprising results getting our campers to try foods they have refused to eat in the past – and they enjoy it!

After lunch it’s back to activities, including a free swim. By 3:30 pm our campers are heading down to the Notch once again for some final announcements. This is our chance to recognize individual achievements in front of the entire camp. Then our campers are guided up to the buses where attendance is taken. Once we have everyone on the correct bus we wave goodbye to all our day campers until tomorrow morning.

Great Day Camps Have Great Staff!

At Kettleby Valley, we’re proud of the work our staff do. We chose our staff carefully through the process of referrals, interviews, references and police checks. Once we’ve chosen our team, we conduct a four-day training session that focuses on developing the skills they need to meet our expectations and succeed. Throughout the summer, our senior staff provide feedback and assess the performance of counsellors and activity staff in the spirit of making Kettleby Valley the best possible experience for our campers. The result is a team that is dedicated to creating a caring, safe and fun filled environment for your children.

Traditional Summer Camp Activities in a Day Camp Setting

There aren’t many Kleinberg Day Camps that offer the variety of traditional activities that we have at Kettleby Valley. Campers have the chance to participate in outdoor activities such as climbing wall, archery, ropes course, nature and camp craft. Bouldering is an activity that allows campers to practice their climbing skills close to the ground to build confidence before trying the climbing wall. Every camper takes part in a daily Lifesaving Society Swim lesson. Campers also have the chance to get back in the pool for an afternoon free swim. Canoeing is something that most groups have on their schedule. Arts and crafts, drama and ‘fun with…’ round out our list of great activities.

Our Kleinberg Day Camp is also an Overnight Camp

At Kettleby Valley we have 240 day campers coming and going every day. We also have about 100 campers that actually stay at camp for the entire week. Our overnight camp allows campers to deepen the friendships that they develop with other campers. Participants also have a greater sense of independence through our residential program. Day campers become accustomed to our location, the activities and the staff. This makes the transition to becoming an overnight camper much easier. Twice each summer, Kettleby Valley offers a one-night overnight for campers who aren’t quite ready for a full week of being away from home. These popular sessions sell out quickly so please register early!

RICHILDACA and Kettleby Valley

In 1957, on the very site that Kettleby Valley is located, the Richmond Hill Day Camp (RICHILDACA for short) began. RICHILDACA was a great opportunity for kids from Richmond Hill to take part in traditional camp activities. As the camp grew, they added Newmarket day camp and Aurora day camp services to their program. Today, Kettleby Valley is carrying on the tradition that started in 1957. Kettleby Valley has expanded to offer Kleinberg day camp and Thornhill day camp services as well.

With all these communities using our camp, our camp sessions fill quickly. Some sessions are full by February! Registration begins in November so sign up early to ensure a spot. We’re always happy to talk to you so please contact us if you have any questions.

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