There are many options for parents and children who are looking for Richmond Hill summer camps. However, few compare to the traditional day camp activities and the natural setting that Kettleby Valley offers. With 60 private acres of forests, fields and rolling landscape, Kettleby Valley is a unique choice. Kettleby Valley has been the summer camp Richmond Hill families have relied on for years.

Our Richmond Hill day camps program includes home pick up and drop off each day, a hot lunch program and daily Lifesaving Society swim lessons at no additional cost. Our buses arrive at Kettleby Valley by about 9:00 am. By 9:30 am campers are taking part in one of many day camp activities with their group of 11 other children. Each group visits the pool once a day. The first half of the period is the lesson and the second half a free swim. Throughout the week, campers work their way through a schedule that includes archery, canoeing, climbing wall, ropes course, arts and crafts and more. Lunch is served in our dining hall and then it’s back to more activities. By 3:30 pm, everyone gathers together once again as an entire day camp to celebrate another great day at Kettleby Valley. By 4:00 pm campers are on the buses and on their way home.

Great Activities Makes Kettleby Valley the Summer Camp Richmond Hill Kids Love

Children love to become good at things. We give our campers the chance to develop their skills by offering traditional camp activities such as Swimming, Canoeing, Climbing Wall, Bouldering, Archery, Crossbow, Arts and Crafts, Bouldering, Nature, Ropes Course, Drama, and Camp Craft. The variety of activities is one aspect that separates us from other Richmond Hill day camps.

In addition to these activities, our overnight campers choose form Paintball, Advanced High Ropes Course, Kayaking, Yoga and Frisbee Golf. These and other great activities help make us the summer camp GTA and Richmond Hill kids love!

Richmond Hill Summer Day Camp Lunch Program

Children love our day camp lunch program. Other day camps offer a lunch program, however we look at lunch as an important part of creating a traditional camp culture. Campers eat with their group mates in our dining hall. Sharing a meal together goes a long way to adding to the togetherness of the group. When everyone eats the same food at the same time, common ground is created where campers feel closeness towards one another.

An active day at camp requires a lunch that is healthy, nutritious and popular with campers. Like all camp activities, lunch is a time to try new things and become adventurous. We often hear campers saying things like, “I’ve never tried this until now…I love it!”

We offer alternate menus for campers who have allergies, intolerances and other dietary restrictions. For those truly picky eaters who are a bit less adventurous, we offer pasta and pasta with sauce as an alternative.

Why Kettleby Valley is the Summer Camp Richmond Hill Parents Choose

The Feeling of Northern Ontario in a Summer Camp Close to Richmond Hill

When people walk around Kettleby Valley, they get the feeling like they’re in northern Ontario. And yet our camp is located just 30 minutes north of Richmond Hill. We know that you don’t have to put three or four hours between you and your children in order to benefit from an outstanding summer camp program!  Kettleby Valley offers more than just day camps. We also have a one night overnight option for campers looking for an introduction to sleepover camp. The one week and two week overnight camp sessions are a great way to further the independence and self-esteem of a camper. Finally, our canoe tripping program is a great opportunity for senior campers to experience an Adventure in Algonquin Park.

Outstanding Staff Help Make Kettleby Valley the Summer Camp Richmond Hill Parents Choose

The staff at Kettleby Valley is the most important part of our Camp. Each staff member takes part in a personal interview with our Director. In addition to the interview process, we choose our staff based upon personal references, past experience and background/police checks.

Making connections with the campers is vital and we ensure that each staff member has the necessary training and resources to succeed. Kettleby Valley Camp counsellors understand the importance of their role in the development of the children that attend Kettleby Valley. Our goal is to strike the balance between proving the guidance that children need with developing the independence essential to self-confidence.

Our history started as Richmond Hill Day Camp

Kettleby Valley camp hasn’t always been known as Kettleby Valley. In the late 1950’s, Bill Babcock, a teacher from Richmond Hill, started Richmond Hill Day Camp or RICHILDACA for short. RICHILDACA was one of the first day camps to offer traditional camp activities for children in Richmond Hill. As York Region grew in size, RICHILDACA began offering Newmarket day camps and Aurora day camps. Today Kettleby Valley also offers Vaughan day camp programs on the same site that RICHIDACA once operated.


About Kettleby

With over 60 acres of outdoor space, Kettleby Valley Camp provides a unique setting which is truly one-of-a-kind. A place that many campers, former campers, staff fondly refer to as their favourite place in the world.


Address: 609 Kettleby Road,Kettleby, ON L7B 0C9


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