Integrated 1 to 1 Program

Campers with Additional Needs

For campers with additional needs Kettleby Valley offers an integrated summer day camp program. We provide camper with a One-to-One Counsellor who helps them integrate into camp life and provides additional resources for success at camp. Our summer camp integrated program is available for children on the Autism Spectrum, with Down Syndrome, A.D.D, A.D.H.D. and other special needs. We offer the added assistance and support of having the full attention of an additional group staff member, to enjoy the same traditional activities with the one-to-one camper.

Everyone has unique triggers and our counsellors are there to help their campers work through these triggers in a positive way. Although there are considerations made regarding each individual camper, our expectations of our One-to-One campers are the same as any other child at Kettleby Valley. We believe that holding campers with exceptionalities to the same standard is critical for them to learn how to cope with situations that they face in everyday life.

Our integrated program is very popular and the resources we have are limited, so please contact the camp for availability prior to registering. An additional fee of $80 per week above the regular day camp fee applies. A meeting at the camp with our One-to-One Director prior to the summer is mandatory for campers and families who are new to our camp and it is strongly recommended for returning campers and families.

We believe that everyone should be included in every aspect of summer day camp life. This means that campers in our integrated program are given the same opportunities at Kettleby Valley Summer Camp. It also means that they are held to the same expectations when it comes to behaviour. We cannot be selectively inclusive. If parents choose our integrated camp program, they should know and understand that we will encourage the child to participate in activities, behave according to our code of behaviour, and be part of a group.


About Kettleby

With over 60 acres of outdoor space, Kettleby Valley Camp provides a unique setting which is truly one-of-a-kind. A place that many campers, former campers, staff fondly refer to as their favourite place in the world.


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