Our Summer Camp Philosophy

At Kettleby Valley, our summer camp philosophy focuses on developing confidence through promoting a healthy sense of independence.

We work hard to ensure that each camper is provided with the environment necessary for individual growth. This is accomplished  through the use of a few core values;

We insist that each camper displays respect both to themselves and to others.

Camp staff encourage campers to show determination in the things they choose to do.

At summer camp, the children learn to take responsibility and show accountability for their choices and actions.

Finally, our summer camp philosophy teaches children the importance of being independent while having the strength to admit when they need help.



Our goal is that everyone who visits our Camp has the opportunity to enjoy themselves without being negatively affected by the inappropriate behaviour of other campers. It is therefore important that each Camper and their family know and understand our Code of Behaviour.

Physical Aggressiveness: Under no circumstances shall a Camper strike, push, or otherwise attempt to physically harm anyone.

Verbal Teasing: This includes discrimination, exclusion, or any form of communication that might reasonably make someone feel uncomfortable.

Respect for Safety: Campers are expected to obey the Camp’s rules to ensure the safety of themselves and others.

The Resi Experience

Our residential program offers campers the opportunity to develop their interpersonal skills in a positive learning environment. Campers are provided with more time to work on their canoeing skills, try the toughest climb on the wall, or simply enjoy some extra time at their favourite activity. Residential camp also represents a natural progression in the development of independence.

what resi offers


Easy Transition.

Since we offer both day and residential programs in the same setting, the adjustment is gradual. Many of our Resi campers have been day campers in the past. A familiar setting, familiar faces and a similar day schedule makes the transition from day camp to overnight camp easier!


Drop Off & Pick Up.

Residential camp begins on Sundays. Drop off is between 4:00pm and 5:00pm. Dinner is at 5:30pm. On the Friday that camp ends, parents can pick their campers up between 4:15pm and 5:30pm.



Residential campers are a part of the R.I.S.E. Program and spend their day according to the activities they sign up for. In the evening, we maintain the same great staff to camper ratio of 1 to 4. Our cabins have been constructed with supervision in mind. Most buildings have a large main room that houses up to 8 campers and a smaller room that houses up to 2 counsellors.

Our oldest boys cabins are supervised by counsellors in nearby cabins. This provides privacy for both counsellors and campers yet allows for easy supervision throughout the evening.


R.I.S.E. Program

Kettleby Valley is excited to be offering the R.I.S.E program for every residential camper this year. This program was developed to provide our Residential Campers (those who have just completed grades 3 through 8) a greater sense of RESPONSIBILITY and INDEPENDENCE. Our R.I.S.E. Campers have the chance to select a large portion of their daily schedule. This program also gives campers the chance to focus on individual SKILL development while gaining a greater level of EXPERTISE in activities.


We offer a limited number of spots each week and they fill up very quickly!

For many years, Kettleby Valley has offered integrated opportunities for campers with Autism, Asperger Syndrome, Down Syndrome, and other special needs. The program is made possible by providing a 1:1 camper to staff ratio. While 1:1 campers enjoy the same activities offered to other campers, they also benefit from the added assistance and support of a sole counsellor. This program provides an opportunity for campers with exceptionalities to participate in our program in a positive manner, discover their full potential and foster qualities such as diversity, empathy, and tolerance.



Our very popular One Night Overnight program introduces campers to the concept of being away from home without having to commit to an entire week.

Campers who have completed grade 3 by the summer are eligible for our overnight camp program. Campers who are younger than grade 3 can take part in our one-night overnight offered twice each summer.

There are six week-long Residential sessions offered throughout the summer, each beginning on Sunday afternoon and ending on Friday afternoon. The 6-day and 5-night program is a great introduction (for both Campers and their parents) to the concept of being away from home for an extended period of time. In 2014 we began to offer a two-week session each month.



Our Leader-In-Training Program is a summer camp program for teens who have just completed grade 9.

This program provides an excellent opportunity to learn leadership strategies, build team skills, and develop a healthy work ethic. As an ‘LIT’, campers are expected to take on responsibilities associated with counseling and instructing while being supervised and guided. The Leader-In-Training program is a three-week commitment with the first week being a mandatory residential week to further the participant’s leadership development.

For those campers who are successful, there is also an opportunity to return to the camp as a volunteer to gain additional camp experience and add to their high school community service hours.

Each candidate completes an application and takes part in an interview. The candidates are chosen based on their performance during the interview and on their merit. It should be understood that the program is designed to present each Leader in Training with new experiences and this begins with the application process.

We are looking for individuals that are ready to take on greater responsibilities than that of a regular camper. The program is structured so that from the beginning steps of the application and interview process applicants are strongly encouraged to complete each step with minimal help from his or her parents. This represents the first step in taking on the additional expectations of being an ‘LIT’.



This trip is open to those who have just completed grades 7 to. 9.

Experienced trip leaders will ensure that our trips runs smoothly from start to finish. If your child is one of the fortunate few campers who are registered for our Explorers Program, they are in for an exciting experience. This program represents an opportunity for individuals to combine the ‘hard’ skills of paddling, portaging and camping with the ‘soft’ skills of group interaction and teamwork.

A week prior to their session you will receive an email with the time you should arrive at camp on Saturday. During the weekend, participants will develop the canoeing, camping and portaging skills necessary for the trip. They will also repack their belongings into canoe packs provided by the camp, to minimize the number of bags that are taken on trip.

On Monday, the group departs by 9:00am, arriving at base camp by noon. After loading the canoes and looking at the map, the group is off! This year we are offering 4 trips each starting from a different access point in Algonquin Park. On Friday, the group arrives back at base camp for lunch and by the end of the day, the group is back at Camp.


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