Campers work towards their Ontario Recreational Canoeing Kayaking (ORCKA) levels at the pond. In partners, our older campers work together to complete specific strokes and canoeing skills. Campers also explore the pond area, while participating in a variety of games and challenges. Campers learn the importance of water safety while developing the confidence to maneuver their canoe.

Our day camp hosts approximately 240 campers each week throughout July and August. Many of these children grow up with us here, choosing to return to Kettleby Valley over other day camps in the area. Our camp is large enough to have the energy and enthusiasm to make kids feel like they’re part of something special. Yet we are small enough to be able to get to know and understand each individual child.

We understand that there is a connection between independence and confidence. Our approach to day camp aims to leverage this connection. We provide the help and support that each camper needs, while giving them the room to develop a healthy sense of independence.

Safety is a priority for our day camps. Kettleby Valley is an accredited member of the Ontario Camps Association. The OCA provides strict youth camps standards and guidelines that Kettleby Valley meets.

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