Canoe Tripping Program

Overnight camp has been cancelled for 2021 but we are excited to be hitting the reset button for our day camp program. We've missed everyone! As the actions and policies of our local, provincial and federal government evolve, we anticipate that adjustments may be needed to the way camp has operated in the past. Although this might effect the way some services are delivered, we will do everything possible to preserve the traditional camp experience that has made our program popular. We will provide frequent updates to everyone who registers as we move forward. Thank you for your support!

Kettleby Valley Summer Camp has been successfully offering the Explorer's Canoe Tripping program for many years This experience is open to those who have completed grades 7 & 8. Experienced trip leaders will ensure that our trips runs smoothly from start to finish. If your child is one of the fortunate few campers who are registered for our Explorers Program, they are in for an exciting experience. 

This program represents an opportunity for individuals to combine the ‘hard’ skills of paddling, portaging and camping with the ‘soft’ skills of group interaction and teamwork.

A week prior to their session you will receive an email with the time you should arrive at camp on Saturday. During the weekend, participants will develop the canoeing, camping and portaging skills necessary for the trip. They will also repack their belongings into canoe packs provided by the camp, to minimize the number of bags that are taken on trip.

On Monday, the group departs Kettleby Valley by 9:00am, arriving at base camp by noon. After loading the canoes and looking at the map, the group is off! On Friday, the group arrives back at base camp for lunch and by the end of the day, the group is back at Camp. Pick up for the Explorers is anywhere from 4:30pm to 5:30pm on the Friday.

The camp will be in touch with you on the Friday to confirm what time the Explorers can be picked up.

For a complete list of what campers will need, click here. In addition to a well stocked first aid kit, trip leaders also carry bear spray and a satellite phone in case of emergency. 



Day 1: Put in at Round Lake at 1:00 pm and portage to North Tea Lake. Camp on North Tea Lake

Day 2: Travel towards east arm of North Tea Lake and portage to Manitou Lake. Portage from Manitou to Three Mile Lake and camp.

Day 3: Portage from Three Mile Lake to Upper Kawa, Kawa, Sinclar and Biggar Lake. Camp on Biggar Lake.

Day 4: Travel west on Biggar Lake and take three short portages to North Tea Lake. Camp at the west end of North Tea Lake.

Day 5: Continue west on North Tea Lake and portage to Round Lake. Pick up at 12:00 noon.

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Overnight Camp Update Summer 2021

As hard as it is to tell you this, we have come to the conclusion that we are unable to offer our overnight camp or canoe tripping programs this summer. I know that right now everything seems to be moving in a positive direction. However there is still a great deal of uncertainty about how the Province’s Roadmap to Reopen might unfold and this has motivated our decision to run day camp only for 2021.
Further details can be found here:
Overnight Camp 2021 Camp Experience
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