Archery & Cross Bow

Overnight Campers

Archery is a popular choice at our overnight camps. Anyone can get a bull’s eye, however the skill lies in being consistent. Our compound bows are easier to pull back have a steady aim. Our R.I.S.E. campers can also sign up for Crossbow throughout their overnight camp experience with us.

Day Campers

These activities require a great deal of coordination, concentration and a steady aim. Campers learn how to properly hold and load a bow, and gain an appreciation for being patient and positive. Our older campers, in addition to archery, learn the skill of properly loading and shooting a crossbow. For both activities, participants enjoy the pursuit of achieving a bull’s eye and having their success announced at the end of the day!

Summer Camp Update for 2020

As difficult as it has been, we've decided that we will not open camp in 2020. We know that this is disappointing and we'll miss our campers and staff so much. But we hope to see you all back at camp in 2021!